Marine Science Centre

Modest beginnings, with a grand vision!

SOAR is helping advance applied ocean research and technology development in rural coastal Nova Scotia.

The local marine environment and supply chain are ideal for helping ocean technology companies advance their Technology Readiness Level.

Directors with SOAR have been conducting marine research in (and with) rural coastal communities for decades, often with borrowed infrastructure including fish houses, trailers on vacant property, and vessels.  Our success is directly tied to past, present, and ongoing community support.

We are currently renting a house we use for office space and accommodations in Freeport, Nova Scotia - with 2 small but highly capable research vessels in Freeport harbour.

Freeport is located on Long Island.  Grand Passage is to our west, and Petit Passage to our east.  Both of these tidal channels are focus points internationally for tidal energy developments.  We are also situated in Lobster Fishing Areas 34, which provides the main source of economic sustainability to the Islands communities, followed by ocean tourism and aquaculture.

SOAR recently purchased a waterfront property in Freeport along side the old wharf and breakwater, and are planning to redevelop it as a shared use facility.

More info coming soon!

The video shows our incredible office location in Freeport, the harbour, and Grand Passage.