SOAR is a not-for profit organization based on in Freeport, Nova Scotia - on Brier Island and Long Island in the outer Bay of Fundy. We are part of a community sustained by fishing, ocean tourism, aquaculture, tidal energy, and oceanographic research. Conducting work from a base of operation on Long and Brier Islands is cost-effective, utilizes local assets, and involves coastal communities directly as needed for success.


Our mission is to advance applied research as needed to help restore and maintain sustainable coastal communities and marine ecosystems, with focus areas in clean renewable energy and healthy food supplies. This includes advancing innovations in fishing, tidal energy, and aquaculture.


We provide services and infrastructure to assist researchers and technology developers with access to the coastal ocean, including the entrance to the Bay of Fundy, eastern Gulf of Maine, St. Mary’s Bay, and two high energy tidal channels that are a global focal point for marine energy and smart-grid innovation (Grand Passage and Petit Passage). In addition to advancing research needed for sustainable industry development, SOAR has important roles in a) training and education, b) tourism, and c) communication with government.


We are a provider of employment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in rural coastal Nova Scotia, including jobs in oceanography, marine biology, ocean technology, and computer science. We collaborate regularly with several academic institutions, ocean industries, technology developers, indigenous organizations, other not-for-profit organizations.


  • Renewable Energy

    Focus on tidal power including: a) community-scale projects, b) interactions between marine animals and tidal turbines, c) best practices for working with remote indigenous communities, and d) smart-grids.

  • Fishing

    Location, retrieval, and disposal of ghost fishing gear.

  • Aquaculture

    Sustainable approaches for aquaculture, including studying the environmental impact of existing fin fish operations.


  • Marine Research Centre

    SOAR is advancing next steps for a marine research centre based on Long and Brier Islands

  • Ocean Education

    We are developing programs for experiential ocean education for youth and adults.

  • Collaboration Opportunities

    Please contact us with any interest in collaborating to advance marine research and development.


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