SOAR - Sustainable Oceans Applied Research

SOAR - Sustainable Oceans Applied Research Ltd. is a not-for profit corporation based in Nova Scotia. Our mission is to help develop and maintain healthy coastal communities and marine ecosystems. This includes collaborating on research, development, and demonstration for (but not limited to):

  • Sustainable use of marine resources (energy, fish, etc.)
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and improving the health of marine ecosystems (including climate change and other anthropogenic effects)
  • Oceanographic exploration to advance our understanding of the sea
  • Increasing our enjoyment and connection with the sea

Our initial focus is to evaluate the potential for community-scale tidal power systems to supply sustainable energy to rural coastal communities.

A fundamental component of SOAR is open partnerships for collaboration; with academics, fishers, First Nations, industry, and others working together to address ocean sustainability challenges. Our governance is structured to be inclusive, to foster technical and social innovation.