Ocean Education

Here at SOAR we are passionate about increasing ocean literacy for all ages.  Big dream vision includes ocean science day camps (for kids through adults), and an interactive visitor and education center where folks can come and get hands on with science and have their hearts and minds expanded by the many marvels of the sea.

We celebrate that learning is a lifelong process and it is our hope and goal that our resources pass along not only knowledge but a passion for exploration and sense of wonder and awe.

Collaboration is a foundational value at SOAR, and we are thrilled to partner with other organizations, such as the incredible folks from SuperNova at Dalhousie University to create relevant, fun, and interactive material to be used in a variety of learning settings.

Do you have a group or organization that you think would love to collaborate and create some oceanographic learning magic?  Please click the button below to contact us and get the ball rolling.

We recently dipped our toes into the world of live streaming through Creature Features which provide an introduction to some of the animals we find in here in the Outer Bay of Fundy.  Our content to date has been created with multi generational learning in mind, it is goofy enough to make you giggle and chock full of facts.  We'd love to hear from you if there's a specific critter you'd like us to feature.  Our previous Creature Features can be accessed through our Facebook.   We appreciate your patience as we negotiate the learning curve we have been on, each week seemed to present it's own challenge, so we're always learning too!

Whale Tails and Other Stories of the Outer Bay of Fundy is a collaborative compilation of first hand experience, stories, and animal facts partnered with gorgeous photos and inspired local art.   This unique combination not only conveys a wealth of information on some of the incredible creatures found in our waters, but it also explores the emotional aspects and intimacy possible in the human-ocean relationship. Our vision is for this to continually evolve, allowing us to add in new stories, wisdom, and species as time goes along.  We are so excited to make this resource available for free online soon, and in print sometime in 2021.

Also, a part of omnidirectional knowledge sharing (that's a fancy way of saying we love learning through receiving and transmitting information in all directions) and learning we are conducting a survey to help scope new research questions.  Please take a moment to fill one out HERE!