Board of Directors

SOAR was registered on April 15, 2018 with an initial 6 directors. We are working to diversify the board, such as further representation of rural coastal communities, fishers, indigenous people, and marine animal researchers.

Dr. Alex Hay - Dalhousie University - Department of Oceanography

Dr. Eric Bibeau - Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre

Dr. Rick Wallace - Peacebuilding Consulting International

Ken Paul - Assembly of First Nations / Assemblee des premieres Nations

Joe Fitzharris - QS Atlantic Inc.

Greg Trowse - Luna Ocean Consulting Ltd.

Advisory Board

SOAR is working to develop an Advisory Board with committees, such as rural coastal communities, fishers, First Nations, finance and legal, marine animal research, ocean technology, marine energy, supply chain, marine operations and safety, outreach and education, and government relations.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the crew. Together we will SOAR!

Jan Sebastian LaPierre - Outreach and Education - A for Adventure

Dr. Richard Karsten - Marine Energy (Oceanography) - Acadia Tidal Energy Institute

Tonya Wimmer - Marine Animal Research - Marine Animal Response Society (MARS)

Dr. John Colton - Sustainable Community Development - Acadia Tidal Energy Institute

Chloe Malinka (Ph.D. candidate) - Marine Animal Research - Aarhus University, Denmark

Darren Hayes - Marine Energy (Operations) - DARE Technology Ltd.

Andrew Carlisle - Ocean Technology - Xocean

Dr. Brian Sanderson - Marine Animal Research - Independent Environmental Services Professional

More coming soon ...